Irish Life 2014 Life Cover Claims

Irish Life have published figures for claims made for Life Insurance in 2014. They paid out on average over €4 million per week to families across Ireland. Claims were made for both Life and Serious Illness Cover.


Irish Life 2014  Click on the link for a county by county run through.

  • Dublin ranked the highest overall for claims last year; 608 Life Insurance and 230 Serious Illness claims made .
  • Kildare had 68 Life cover and 46 Serious Illness claims.
  • Meath was slightly higher with 73 Life cover and 51 Serious Illness claims made .

However, the counties with the youngest average age of Serious Illness claims made to Irish Life were Roscommon and Mayo; 39years and 47 years respectively.

These figures stress the importance of having adequate Protection in place for yourself and your loved ones. To review your Life Cover plan get in touch with us in our Maynooth office on 01-5052718.