Coonan Financial Group

Buy to
Let (BTL)


A buy to let mortgage is designed for individuals who wish to purchase a property for rental purposes.

Whether you are buying your first one, looking to add to your existing portfolio or potentially moving your properties to a lender with a better rate, we can offer expert Buy to Let advice.

Maximum 70% loan to value (LTV) when purchasing a BTL.

30% shortfall comes from your own funds which can include equity release from other properties.

Rental income is used when calculating affordability. We can help calculate your potential borrowings using this figure.

BTL rates are typically higher than mortgage rates on your home.

As noted above, we can discuss if you want to have an interest-only option.

We do the work for you and find you the most suitable offering on the market and arrange an approval in principle (AIP).

Working Abroad?

If you are working abroad but looking for a home to return to, we can help you!

Please contact us and we can discuss how you could buy from abroad and what mortgage is possible.