Coonan Financial Group

Time Buyers


The journey and process here is pretty much the same as the FTB encounter, with some notable differences.

Maximum loan to value (LTV) 90% since Jan 2023

Deposit required 10% minimum

Maximum 3.5 times income(s) multiple

Option to retain your current home and convert this to a Buy to Let property on BTL rates


Should I be sale agreed on my own property before applying to buy a new one?
Not necessarily but as part of the initial application, in most cases the balance of funds required to purchase the new home will come, in part anyway, from the sale of your existing home. You will therefore need to be sale agreed before drawing down on the new mortgage. This doesn’t apply if you plan on renting your existing property, subject to affordability.
Can I also avail of the Help to Buy (HTB)?
Short answer, no. Once you own or have previously owned a property in Ireland or abroad, you cannot avail of the HTB.