Coonan Financial Group

Public Sector Mortgage

Who Qualifies?

1. Employees of the public sector such as nurses, guards, teachers, doctors, army officers, civil servants.
2. Only one applicant needs to be a public sector worker to avail of the offer.
3. This type of mortgage can be used for all mortgage types e.g. FTB, switchers, equity release, etc.

Here’s an example:

  • Susan is a teacher who needed to borrow €180,000 to purchase her first home.
  • As a teacher on point 6 of the salary scale and earning €40,942, she was limited to borrowing €163,768 based on 4 times her income.
  • She can now apply as though she is 2 points up the salary scale.
  • Susan’s earnings are now based on point 8 of the salary scale, equating to €44,873 and granting her approval to borrow €179,492.